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Digital Editing Services

in Houston, TX

Full service digital editing

CD & DVD Editing Services

  • MP3 to CD
  • Create DVD with Navigation Menu
  • Removing scenes from DVD
  • Noise reduction
  • DVD restoration

Computer & Digital Editing Services

  • Creation of DVD, VideoCD or SuperVideoCD discs.
  • DVD 2 iPod Video (Any video)
  • Custom video transitions and slide shows
  • Computerized Non-Linear Editing, Effects, Wipes, Dissolves, Freeze Frames, Split Screens, Slow & Fast Motion, Voiceovers and Sound effects editing. We specialize in making your video look great!

Digital Video Files

  • Quicktime MPEG Video (.MPG)
  • Windows Media Video (.WMV)
  • DivX Video (.AVI)
  • We can master any of your video into computer video files so you can send your video via e-mail or stream it on the internet.
  • Let us make your YouTube video!